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IZT Tech understands the value of a great security system. We provide inspections that would allow us to give you the best assessment in determining where your company stands in terms of safety. Based on that assessment, we can make all the proper recommendations per your company’s individual needs.

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Benefits Of Having Security For Your Business

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Security cameras help deter crime and danger, it allows you to monitor daily activity, help reduce insurance costs, and create a more comfortable workplace for employees. By keeping a constant eye on your business, you can help secure and protect your business as a whole.

Access Control

Access control helps to save money and energy, keep track of who comes and goes, prevent data breaches, and also get rid of the use of traditional keys.

LED Lighting

LED Lighting helps to reduce energy costs. Did you know LED lights use up to 90% less power than halogen floodlights? Also, it provides visibility during the night and reduces potential hiding places. LED lighting also works with other surveillance devices, plus it is portable and easy to install!

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